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Elections galore in Latin America

Elections galore in Latin America

Also, Dina Sadek from the Atlantic Council about monitoring the Israeli conflict online

We’re back after a week off! At the beginning of this month, I was freaking out that scheduling guests was going slower than expected. However, in the last ten days, I’ve recorded six episodes (including this one) and one more to come. In the hopper includes conversations on India, the European Union, Africa, the United Kingdom, the history of tech policies on elections, and jawboning.

This week, I first welcome Dina Sadek from the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, where she has been leading the monitoring of how the conflict in Israel is showing up online.

Then, I welcome Carlos Cortez and Alejandro Moreno from Linterna Verde - an organization that analyzes how public opinion is built in networks and digital spaces.

Our talk covers all things elections in Latin America, including Argentina’s election this year, the constitutional referendum in Chile, and Mexico’s election next year.

Some links to their work that we cover:

  • Circuito: An effort by them to gather information and analyze the intersection between social networks and democracy in Latin America.

    • Here is an article on how they see recent changes to the region's content policies.

    • And here is another one on election misinformation last year in Colombia.

  • They have their own Substack, Botando Corriente, that you can subscribe to:  

If you are looking for some other good sources of information on what is happening in the region, I recommend:

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Anchor Change with Katie Harbath
Impossible Tradeoffs with Katie Harbath
Technology and democracy are at a crossroads. Technology can potentially empower people and make our democracies more responsive. Or technology can be used to manipulate and divide us. Welcome to Impossible Tradeoffs. I’m Katie Harbath. In this weekly podcast, we’ll talk about and analyze the most fascinating headlines. We’ll make predictions about where things are going. And we’ll talk to experts about the challenges we face and how we might look for solutions.