Hi Katie, Gregory here from the OSET Institute. Thanks forAnchor Change! Your reflections on major writing accomplishments, particularly the BPC's history of elections and tech reminded me that the report is still on my reading stack 🙄 So, I at least re-read through the summary (https://bipartisanpolicy.org/report/history-tech-elections/) and not sure how I've missed this before, but was surprised and curious as to why there is no mention of Netscape Communications (founded as Mosaic in April 1994 and laundered to AOL in 1999) in the "history" section about companies being founded. Setting aside that I and several here are Netscape alums ("Netscapees") 🤓, I submit that arguably Netscape had a pivotal role in the rise of the World Wide Web (foundational to how digital campaigns have developed) and to this day, Mozilla.org continues its mission of ensuring a democratic Internet (also nowhere on that list). Curious to get your 'take' on why?

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