Trust & Safety

An exploration of the many facets that go into holding speech and safety values at the same time and when one should be prioritized over the other
Plus, the Integrity Institute launches the second part of its Election Integrity Best Practices Guide.
Themes from a week of geeking out about the online trust and safety field
They can run, but they can’t hide
More people are sharing their expertise with the world. Here are some tips on if you want to do the same.
An open letter to those trying to navigate these complicated waters
Or is this a blip as we transition to a new chapter …
It’s not as easy of a question to answer, but there’s reason to worry
Backseat quarterbacking is easy; proposing solutions/doing the work is harder
Some thoughts on the Oversight Board decision on Meta’s cross-check system
I took the Elon Hunter Biden bait, but there’s also some other exciting stuff happening
Meta and Twitter are changing and we can all sense it