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Whew, this was a tough week. Two full days of conferences plus a full-day board meeting meant a full week’s worth of work crammed into two days. One of…
Grateful for your support
Tales from Elk hunting and thoughts on this week’s tech news
There are fewer links than I usually share, but before I went out, I still had a few that I came across. Have a great Sunday! What I’m Reading…
Tune into the Circus this evening for my chat on the elections next year and the online environment
Mother Nature is playing around with us this weekend. If you look outside the window, it seems like a lovely Fall day, but step outside, and it’s in the…
Free panic responsibly stickers to the first 50 paid subscribers who want them!
The relationship between news and online platforms gets more complicated
I take a latte art class and I’m starting a new feature to highlight a favorite newsletter each week
Twitter attacks election integrity workers … again
I certainly have been burning both ends of the candle the last two weeks, but especially this week. I’m very grateful to have a rainy weekend - thanks…
I want to start by thanking all of you. While in New York this week, a few of you approached me at events to tell me how much you enjoyed the…