Thanks for sharing this, Katie.

> And not just for me, but I was talking to many of my female - and some of my male - friends who were struggling with the societal burdens that seemed heavier by the day. Frustrated that others were telling them that their exhaustion, chosen life path, or decisions weren’t valid or not as “bad” as theirs.

Oh let me at those people! I've got lots of thoughts and anger at people who who get on high horses career wise.

> This week I want to talk about normalizing talking out loud when things are hard and giving ourselves and others grace and compassion when you know you have all these things on your to-do list to do, but you just can’t seem to concentrate.

> I suffer from anxiety. I’ve not been clinically diagnosed, but all the signs are there. My anxiety hasn’t been this bad these last two weeks since the really bad Facebook days of Cambridge Analytica and late 2019/early 2020.

> I knew I needed to talk to someone. Over the years, I’ve tried different forms of support.

Me too. <3

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(I love being one of your witches 🍷)

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