Sitemap - 2023 - Anchor Change with Katie Harbath

What I'm Reading - 12/31/23

Lessons in building a safe platform from scratch

2023 Year In Review

What I'm Reading - 12/24/23

Elections in Mexico

Guide to the 2024 Elections

Different Approaches to Counting Elections

Taking the Long View - 12/19/23

What I'm Reading - 12/17/2023

The Evolution of Trust and Safety

It’s Complicated: Free Speech and Trust & Safety - Part 2

Taking the Long View - 12/12/23

What I'm Reading - 12/10/23

Elections in India

It’s Complicated: Free Speech and Trust & Safety - Part 1

Taking the Long View - 12/5/23

What I'm Reading - 12/3/23

Elections in the United Kingdom

The art of long-term planning

Taking the Long View - 11/28/23

What I’m Reading - 11/26/23

What I’m Reading - 11/19/23

Elections in Africa

Comparing tech election recommendations

Taking the Long View - 11/14/23

What I'm Reading - 11/12/23

The past, present and future of platforms' approach to elections

Ten predictions for the coming year

Taking the Long View - 11/7/23

What I’m Reading - 11/5/23

Biden's AI executive order and all things European elections

The Free Speech Balancing Act

Taking the Long View - 10/31/23

What I'm Reading - 10/29/2023

From the inside: When platforms engage with government

Really, We're Not Fine: When breaking news blocks out other important news

Taking the Long View - 10/24/23

What I’m Reading - 10/22/23

Elections galore in Latin America

The future of news and politics online

Taking the Long View - 10/17/23

What I'm Reading - 10/15/23

Tech Can’t Outrun Politics

Taking the Long View - 10/10/23

What I’m Reading, 10/8/23

Yoel Roth on hard tradeoffs, speaking publicly and the future of trust and safety

Keep doing hard things - a pep talk for trust and safety workers

Taking the Long View - 10/03/23

What I’m Reading - 10/1/23

What you need to know about the Indonesia elections

Are platforms “doing enough” for elections?

Taking the Long View - 9/26/23

What I’m Reading - 9/24/23

How will tech tackle the tsunami of elections in 2024

Panic Responsibly

Taking the Long View - 9/19/2023

What I’m Reading - 9/17/23

Taking the Long View - 9/14/2023

Where platforms lean in on politics

Thank you for your support

What I’m Reading - 9/10/23

Taking the Long View - 9/7/2023

The 2024 elections are almost here

Impossible Tradeoffs - Trailer

What I’m Reading - 9/3/2023

Taking the Long View - 8/31/202

From the Archives: Platforms and Politicians

What I’m Reading - 8/27/2023

Taking the Long View - 8/24/23

Online history being made with the first 2024 GOP primary debate

What I’m Reading - 8/20/23

Taking the Long View - 8/17/2023

My SXSW PanelPicker Picks

What I’m Reading - 8/13/2023

What I’m Reading - 8/6/2023

Taking the Long View - 8/3/2023

What to expect the next 18 months

What I’m Reading - July 30, 2023

Taking the Long View - July 27, 2023

Q2 + July Trends Report - Threading it All Together

What I’m Reading - July 23, 2023

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Seven tips for transitioning into a leadership role

Dispatches from TrustCon 2023

Platforms run away from politics and news

Quick Thoughts on the Oversight Board’s Decision in Cambodia

A Look at the Political Policies of AI Tools

The Things We Whisper

We need to talk about India more

Reintroducing Myself

Resisting Fortune Tellers

Time in Wonderland

Link Roundup - June 7

Evolving with the Times

Endings and New Beginnings

Holiday Link Round-Up

What’s Old is New Again

How big tech platforms will (or won’t) tackle the 2024 campaign

Election Integrity Best Practices Guide Released

Mother’s Day Roundup - Elections, AI and more

Tips on navigating your career

How AI Will Change Politics

How the tech “black box” will get a little less opaque

Weekend Fun - Safari Pics!

Supreme Court Takes Up New Social Media Cases

Tech CEO Variety Show

The next generation of platforms grapple with content moderation

Will 2024 be the influencer election?

What to read, watch and listen to this weekend

Whirlwind - A look back at the last three months

The Crazy Week That Was

Why TikTok’s Hearing Was Different

How do you solve a problem like TikTok?

Seismic Shifts Are Happening

Cambridge Analytica Five Years Later

What I’m Reading - March 11, 2023

Insights from Data: What the Numbers Tell Us About Elections and Future of Democracy

Is it the End of the Golden Age of Tech Accountability?

Democracy continues to deteriorate

Friday Link Roundup

Your Guide to the Supreme Court Arguments in Gonzalez v Google

How Will AI Change Elections?

One Click Deeper - Is Fighting Misinfo Taking a Hit with Tech Layoffs?

Platforms and Governments - It’s Complicated

Unpacking the Twitter Hearing

Let the hearings begin!

Platforms and Politicians: A New Chapter

Finding balance

Announcing the Election Cycle Tracker

What I’m Watching in 2023